Cargo Pants - My Custom Denim Rotations Part 1

Cargo Pants Flat Lay

The First Jean of this series that I am featuring is my favourite custom-made cargo pants in 15oz Japanese Indigo Slub Selvedge Denim Fabric from the famous Kuroki Mills. The utility of the cargo pockets allow me to carry all my essentials – tape measure, notebook, pen & pencil making this my go-to-jeans when working or meeting customers.

For the jean design, I like the classic regular back pocket look but since I prefer to put my accessories in my front pockets, I opted for the slant front pockets instead of the regular 5-pocket style for easy access to my phone and wallet. I also like to put my hands in my pockets (as seen in the photo below).

The hardware choice is simple for me. I personally like the rustic look of the dark copper rivets and black buttons (the black surface fades over time to reveal a nice copper sheen underneath!). I go for the brown all-over thread for a classic finish.

The fit I go for is a regular fit and I wear size 32 (183cm and 75kg). The regular fit is a slightly looser fit but holds up its shape nicely since the fabric is very stiff. I also usually cuff my jeans with a double cuff which gives a slight tapering effect to the jean leg opening.

Denim Cargo Pants Details 1

Coming in at a weight of 15oz, I would consider this jean a perfect bridge for those who are thinking of going into the world of heavyweights ~20oz. The fabric is incredibly stiff on its first wear but gradually breaks-in over time to become slightly softer. Having worn the jean for about 8 months, I would say that the fabric holds up its rigidity pretty well.

The fades started coming in noticeably right around the 4-month mark and was especially pronounced at the front pocket openings. I speculate that the frequency of putting my hands in my pocket has caused the indigo dye to rub off significantly. The back of the jean was also heavily faded but because I put my accessories in front pocket, there was no phone or wallet fade in the back pockets.

Denim Cargo Pants Details 2

Check out our available fabrics at our store to build your own denim cargo pants!

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