What Is Raw Selvedge Denim?

What Is Raw Selvedge Denim?

A Concise Beginner's Guide to the Definition of "Raw" and "Selvedge" Denim.

Raw Denim - Refers to any denim fabric that is unwashed and untreated. The denim comes in a consistent shade of the colour it was dyed in, typically deep indigo. People like this for 2 main reasons:

1) Personalisation - Raw denim fades slowly over time as you wear it, creating beautiful high-contrast wear patterns unique to the wearer. (Refer to pictures below - That is why you often hear of people not wanting to wash their jeans to preserve a good fade!)

2) Durability - Raw denim has a longer lifespan as it has not been weakened by washing/chemical treatments. (Good for your wallet and the environment!)

Selvedge Denim - Refers to any denim fabric woven on old-fashioned shuttle looms, resulting in a non-fraying edge at each end of the fabric. The selvedge is commonly identified on the out-seam of the jean as a coloured strip, usually white and red. People like this for 2 main reasons:

1) Appearance - The selvedge out-seam has a "clean" and "minimal" appearance compared to non-selvedge out-seams which has to be stitched up to prevent fraying (Refer to bottom-right picture below!)

2) Rarity - Selvedge denim is produced slowly in small quantities at a high cost and are usually only used by specialty denim brands. (i.e. Selvedge is the hallmark of premium denim)

Selvedge vs Non Selvedge

Build your very own Raw Selvedge Denim Here!

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