Jean Customization Guide

If this is your first time getting a custom tailored pair of denim jeans online, it is fine to be a little concerned. What fabrics should I choose? What fit should I get? How would choosing a particular thread colour affect the overall look of my jeans? All these are very common questions.

In this guide, we attempt to advise you throughout the entire jean customization process.

1) Fabric Selection

"Fabric is everything in a pair of jeans" - This is true as fabric choice determines the comfort, structure, drape, fade and overall aesthetic of a jean.

Fabric Weight

When you see our fabric selection for denim jeans, the first thing you may notice is that we denote the weights of the fabric - 10oz, 12oz, 15oz, 18oz etc. Light-weight denims (12oz and below) are recommended for those who are new to raw denim or prioritises comfort. Medium-weight denims (13-15oz) are for those who prefer a more structured fit and enjoy more thicker denims, these take about a month to break in. Heavy-weight denims (16oz and above) are for denim enthusiast who want to achieve achieve unique denim fades that arise due to the more textured nature of heavier denims, these take a couple of months to break in.

Fabric Colour

As you might notice, most of the fabrics we offer are raw - meaning they have not been given a "wash" and usually comes in a dark shade of indigo. The appeal of raw indigo denim is that the dark colour gradually fades over time to your body structure, making the jean very personalized to you. We also offer other seasonal colours to keep things interesting ;)

Fabric Texture

Depending on the dyeing process and fabric weight, different fabrics can have different textures. For example, heavy weight denims can result in a "slubby" or irregular textured surface. This appeal to denim heads because it can yield unique fades and adds depth + character to the jeans.

2) Fit Selection

If this is your first time customizing a pair of jeans, we highly recommend selecting our in-house fits. Whereas, if you have a unique body shape or have prior experience customizing a pair of jeans you may opt to give us your custom jean measurements. How tight should my raw denim jeans be? - We recommend tailoring your raw denim jeans to be true-to-size and while being slightly on the tighter side in the waist as the waistband stretches out the most over time in a pair of raw denim jeans.

Choosing our in-house fits

Over the years, we have studied various fits from different denim brands and have created our own 3 in-house designed fits - Slim Tapered, Slim Straight & Regular Straight. You can learn more about our fits and sizing at our jeans fit guide.

Sending us your custom measurement

We tailor build a custom pair of jeans using 8 point measurements. You may submit these 8 measurements to us and we will build your custom jeans accordingly. These 8 measurements can also be found at our jeans fit guide.

3) Choosing Your Designs & Customizations

Custom Jean Options

Following the first 2 important choices - Fabric & Fit, you can add your individual touch to the jean by choosing various pocket designs, hardware & trim.

Front & Back Pocket Design

If you like the look of the classic 5-pocket jean design, choose to go with the regular front and back patch pockets. Whereas if you want a denim trouser pants design, opt for the slant pockets and the trouser jet pockets.

Thread Colour

The classic thread colour for jeans is brown thread. However, if you want to try something more unique you can make 2 other considerations. Tonal/Stealth stitching whereby the colour of the thread matches the colour of the denim, giving the jean an overall mono-tone aesthetic. Contrast stitching whereby the colour of the thread gives the jean a pop of character.

Hardware Colour

Metal rivets reinforcing the pockets of the jeans can add a subtle touch of character to the jeans. Whereas, some people may opt for a bartack stitch to replace the rivets for a more understated look.


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