Customization Options

General Customizations

1) Fabrics

We offer a range of raw and selvedge denim fabrics sourced globally from top mills around the world. When choosing your fabrics, colour is usually the most important consideration. Apart from the usual indigo-dyed denim, we offer seasonal colour options such as grey, olive etc.

Another important consideration is the weight and stretch of the denim. Fabrics 12oz and below are considered lightweight and usually have some stretch incorporated for comfort. While fabrics 15oz and above are considered heavy-weight and people like these for their more structure silhouettes and high contrast fades.

Raw and selvedge denim options

  2) Thread Colour

The choice of thread colour makes a significant impact on the overall visual aesthetic of the jacket. We currently offer a total of 6 colours. Depending on your denim fabric, the thread can either add contrast or blend in with the denim colour.

Denim Thread Colours

3) Buttons

Our buttons are sourced from YKK in Japan. We offer 3 different colours with vintage laurel leaf design. Buttons are a bigger consideration for jackets as they are exposed on the placket.

Denim Button Options

4) Rivets

Our rivets are sourced from YKK in Japan. We offer 2 colours namely copper and silver. Rivets are hammered in areas of stress on the pockets of jeans or at the sleeve opening of jackets. Alternatively, we have a no-rivet option whereby we replace rivets with bartack stitching.

Riveting Options


Jean Customizations

1) Front Pockets

We offer the regular 5-pocket style for those who prefer the classic jean look whilst we offer the slant pockets for those who prefer the convenience of trouser type pockets.

Denim Pocket Customizations

2) Back Pockets

We offer the regular 5-pocket style for those who prefer the classic jean look whilst we offer the slit jet pockets for those who are enjoy the trouser pants aesthetic.

Denim Back Pocket

3) Fly Option

You can either choose a button fly for a more heritage feel or a zipper fly for convenience.

Button Zipper Fly 

4) Add-Ons

We offer additional customizations at no cost. Waist adjusters will be used to replace the belt loops. Cargo pockets will be added to the lower thigh.

Additional Denim Customizations


Jacket Customizations

1) Base Design

The base design forms the foundation of the entire jacket design. The "trucker" jacket is a more contemporary design whilst the "worker" jacket is based on a more heritage style.

Jacket Base Design

2) Pocket Design

We offer 3 different chest pocket designs for each base design ("trucker" or "worker" styles).

Jacket pocket design