This is a 3-step guide to get a pair of custom-made jeans/jacket from our online store.

1) Choose Your Customizations

Go to our SHOP page, choose your preferred denim fabric and start customizing through our customization form. Please see our full list of customization options here

Custom Jean Options

2) Get Your Measurements

For first time buyers, we recommend taking 5 minutes to get to know your jean/jacket measurements better by learning how we measure here. There are 2 methods to enter the measurements for your custom-made jeans/jacket.

  • The first method would be to simply pick a size from our in-house fits (for jeans we have 3 fits - slim tapered, slim straight and regular straight)
  • The second method would be to send us your custom measurements which we will accept upon approval of our master pattern maker.

3) Confirm & Check-Out

  • Submit Your Customization Form
  • Add your choice of fabrics to cart and check-out
  • Upon confirmation of payment, we will send you an email summary of your order details within 48-hours.

Congratulations! You have built a new pair of custom-made jean/jacket! The ship-out dates will be made known to you and an individual tracking code will be sent out prior to shipment.


To begin customizing, please visit our SHOP page to choose your fabric. If you have further enquiries, do feel free to reach us via email or Instagram/Facebook message.