Shirt Customization Guide


1) Fabric Selection

Fabric Weight

Our fabrics come in different weights and is measured in oz - 6oz, 10oz, 12oz etc. The lower the oz, the lighter the fabric will be. The benefits of lighter fabrics - more breathable and perfect for the hot and humid weather. The benefits of heavier fabrics - more durable, has a structured look and is good for colder weather.

Fabric Colour

As you might notice, most of the fabrics we offer are raw - meaning they have not been given a "wash" and usually comes in a dark shade of indigo. The appeal of raw indigo denim is that the dark colour gradually fades over time to your body structure, making the shirt very personalized to you. We also offer other seasonal colours to keep things interesting ;)


2) Fit Selection

If this is your first time making a customer shirt, we highly recommend selecting our in-house fit. Whereas if you have a unique body shape or you have a favourite shirt at home, you may opt to give us your custom shirt measurements.

Choosing our in-house fits

Over the years, we have studied various shirt fits from different casual work wear brands and have designed our own universal in-house fit that suits most body types. You can learn more about our fits and sizing at our Shirt Fit Guide.

Sending us your custom measurement

We tailor build a custom shirt using 5 point measurements. You may submit these 5 measurements to us and we will build your custom shirt accordingly. These 5 measurements can also be found at our Shirt Fit Guide.

3) Choosing Your Designs & Customizations

Following the first 2 important choices - Fabric & Fit, you can add your individual touch to the shirt by choosing various shirt designs, hardware & trim.

Base Design

We currently use 2 base designs for our custom shirt builds - the work shirt and the western shirt. Both come with standard double chest flap pockets.

Thread Colour

Tonal/Stealth stitching is where the colour of the thread matches the colour of the denim, giving the shirt an overall mono-tone aesthetic. Contrast stitching is where the colour of the thread differs from the base fabric giving the shirt a pop of colour.

Button Colour

You may opt for snap buttons or flat buttons.


If you have further enquiries, do feel free to reach us via email or Instagram/Facebook message. 


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